About Tourism

Ladakhi architectural practices and building materials in the hotel are a showcase of the region’s continuing traditions. The restaurant uses ingredients from the organic garden and sourced from the local farmers around. Their menu also highlights some of the best Ladakhi recipes.

Water at the hotel comes straight from a glacial stream, it’s clear and sparkling. Garbage is segregated and wet garbage is given to local cows in the area as fodder. The Apricot Tree is in the process of eliminating single use plastic.

Elderly and people with limited mobility are welcome at the hotel. The top floor of the hotel is wheel chair friendly and guests booked into a room on the upper floor – they have easy access to the restaurant and courtyard.

LAMO : The Apricot Tree is one of the few hotels in Ladakh that showcases the work of local contemporary established and emerging artists – painters, sculptors, ceramic artists, etc… their work is showcased throughout the hotel. Some of them have also been invited to create specific art works for the hotel. In this the Apricot Tree works closely with a local arts organisation, the Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO).